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Mandatory Concussion information for all coaches, parents, and players:
A new law was passed in Boston that requires all parties involved in any youth activities using city property to take a concussion class. All coaches are required to take a class and hand in a certificate of completion to the league before they can coach in the program. Coaches, parents, and players can access the information and the test that they must take at this web site ( Parents and players must complete the signature sheet at the end of the information presentaion at the site and hand this in to your coach when the season starts.
All parents and players must take this class and hand in the signature sheet.
Parents, it is important to go over this info with your kids as it is their health you are risking.

Younger Kids ages 3 to 10 years old can access another site It is a cartoon site and should hold their attention. There is no test on this site. It is a fun info site for the 3 to 10 year age group. After you have gone through this info you can go to the other site (see above) and fill out the info saying you and your child have completed this class.

Coaches can send completed certificates to me via e-mail at:
Or drop it in mail to:
South Boston Youth Soccer
Po: Box #E-22
South Boston,Ma 02127

Parents and kids can hand their certificates to their coaches when the season begins.

Questions :617-269-7930

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William Baker

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